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Senior Divisional Chief of the Central Region Cape Coast

His Excellency Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III  Akyempimhen of Oguaa Traditional Area Central Region Cape Coast Ghana
Home of the Slave Castle 

Nana was born in Tema, Ghana into a succession of the original Royal Family of Cape Coast. Nana’s travels have taken him to the USA, Taiwan, Japan, UK, China, Holland, Mexico, Canada,  South Africa & various Countries within Africa.  

Nana Gyepi  has a Doctoral Degree in Theology. He is a member on the Board of Directors at  Global Evangelical Christian College/Seminary in the State of Georgia. In addition to his Doctorate in Theology,  Nana also received his post secondary education in the USA where he resided for over 12 years.

Nana Gyepi III is the African Representative at Hydeial Broadbent Foundation of Ghana where he works to Educate Children, Men and Women of Ghana on HIV/Aids. He has incorporated and oversees several reputable corporations and is President of Sail Gold Mining Company Ltd, Sail Real Estate Company Ltd and the NGO—the Sankofa United Continent Africa Roots Development International Family (SUCARDIF) where he manages the day to day activities of the companies and staff. 

Nana is a historian  as well as an Afrikan Master Designer in the  Arts. He is a preserver of Afrikan Arts and history as well as preserver and owner of the "Black Doors of Tears". He is PAAHD Designer--Pan Afrikan Ancestral  Historical Designs, having over 10,000 original designs boasting innovative technology and concepts from the Stones of Tears.  Nana Gyepi has designed book covers for The PAHAD Collection by Author Jewels Prophet. Currently, he is planning a world-wide exhibition of selected prints from PAAHD and Stones for the Stones of Tears Exhibition.  This tour  would help raise funds to build educational facilities in the Central Region of Cape Coast.

Nana Gyepi is also organizing  a follow-up to  the Kings visit to Washington, DC where the King highlighted and promoted the Juneteenth festival attending the Mayoral Conference, with preparations for  the Queens Visit. Nana is a great public speaker and event’s organizer/planner.

Nana Gyepi III is incorporator of the Ghana-Japan Youth Organization, Ghana/USA Army Veterans Association, Ghana-Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, and Ghana-Taiwan Business Association.   Nana also works diligently in association with government officials to develop and implement  anti-scamming procedures. Ghana will not tolerate corruption. It will not tolerate bureaucratic inefficiency. It will not tolerate opaque government decision-making.  

A News Press Release regarding President Obama's visit to the Central Region of Cape Coast/Accra Ghana: “President wanted to stop in Ghana particularly because he's interested in emphasizing themes of governance -- the importance of governance for making development progress, the importance of governance  for stability. And Ghana is a truly admirable example of a place where governance is getting stronger, a thriving democracy...they continue to pursue a development agenda and bolster the rule of law. And this is worth pointing out, because far too often discussions of Africa are focused on crisis. Ghana is not in crisis, and it's an example for the region and more broadly.” (SEE 'WHY INVEST IN GHANA')

Current projects of His Excellency includes the Tower of Return Monument, Save Ghana Libraries, Stones of Tears, Black Doors of Tears PAAHD™, Mission Ghana,  The 21st Century Chief documentary and several books.
His Grace Nana Gyepi speaks English, Spanish, Japanese, Fanti, Ewa, Ga, Hawusa, Ashanti and Ada.

Nana is head of his family, an honored father and is recently betrothed to his acquaintance of over 4 years.

 You may contact Nana Gyepi III:

                             Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III

                             B74/2 Intin Street
                             Cape Coast  Ghana
                             777 One Power Station
                             P.O. Box CC732 Cape Coast
                             Ghana West Afrika
                             011 233 279 718587
                             011 233 243 834032
                             011 28 5262484  
                             Skype: Nana.Kweku.Egyir.Gyepi.III

You may also contact his Personal Liaison and Administrative Assistant in the USA:
                            MISSION GHANA
                            Ms. Rubie James
                            Skype: Apostle_RubieJames 

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